Surprise Me!

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If you like surprises you might enjoy... "Surprise Me!" items.

  • I have several areas full of totally random stuff that I really don't have any ambition to sort out. Most of them are woofers with cones that appear complete... SOME items may be only a motor or a motor/basket.
  • It's simple... you pay $60 & I grab something out of these areas and ship it to you.
  • I will not guarantee anything that matches or functions.
  • Remember... this is a "surprise" me event so there is an element of chance involved... I cannot absolutely guarantee that everything you get will be usable.
  • Not *everything* is actual Sundown product -- some things may be other brands. Some items may be "one off" so any re-cones would need to be custom re-built from a source such as FixMySpeaker.
  • Otherwise... sold with the SAME stipulations as any normal yard sale item other than the fact that it is a total surprise what you'll get.

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    E series 8 v.5 D4

    Posted by Francisco Delagarza on Aug 15th 2019

    Amazing sub in a small package at an unbelievable price. Thanks for the sale.

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    Surprise Me

    Posted by Rob on Jul 16th 2019

    Talk about a surprise, I received a B stock SA-8v3! Coils ohm out perfect and sounds great. Shocked at how one 8” sub can sound. Running it off a JL Audio 500/1 at 4 ohms and it fills my LX470 with awesome bass. Been a JL fan for over 20 years and didn’t quite know what to expect with Sundown but I’m now a believer. Has me wondering what some of Sundowns higher end subs have to offer. Been rocking W7’s since they hit the market but didn’t want a giant Enclosure in this vehicle and this SA8 is perfect. Bravo Sundown

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    I wish I did this sooner

    Posted by Ed on Jun 23rd 2019

    The SA-12 v3 I received looks new and ohms like new. I'm about to build its box and I know it should work perfect like the other Sundown subs I've had in the past. I really was surprised when I received this and if I had the funds for another amp I'd definitely buy one or two more of these "Surprise Me"
    Thank you everyone at Sundown. Keep up the great work!

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    Best deal around

    Posted by Brian Hollingsworth on Jun 21st 2019

    Love my surprise thank you guys very much cannot wait to install this little beast

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    Surprise me

    Posted by Brandon Grant on Jun 21st 2019

    I like how the price is, however, because there is such a high amount of sd3-8's dual 2 ohm subs 95% of the time that is what you will receive. Which u can buy direct for $55 on this site. If there was more variety available for surprise me it'd would be more exciting. I have 2 of them now. I mean its still nice getting a $175.00 sub for $60 still is an amazing deal. Ive had 0 issues with either one Ive received.

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    Beyond happy

    Posted by Eduardo Serna on Jun 19th 2019

    I always regretted selling my previous sundown subs. I tried the "Surprise Me" and I couldn't be happier.

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    Posted by Daniel on Jun 15th 2019

    Wasn't expecting that totally awesome need a build a box now so I can really test it was wondering what model 8 sub it was though and I came with the sundown audio sticker which I thought was awesome to

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    Posted by Joe Blow on Jun 12th 2019

    Great purchase. I wished they would have grabbed something else. I got 2 e8v5 like everyone else. will def buy from again. mint af

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    Posted by Jared hoffman on Jun 7th 2019

    Looks almost mint. What a great deal might have to grab a few more extremely satisfied customer with my purchase.