Surprise Me!

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If you like surprises you might enjoy... "Surprise Me!" items.

  • I have several areas full of totally random stuff that I really don't have any ambition to sort out. Most of them are woofers with cones that appear complete... SOME items may be only a motor or a motor/basket.
  • It's simple... you pay $60 & I grab something out of these areas and ship it to you.
  • I will not guarantee anything that matches or functions.
  • Remember... this is a "surprise" me event so there is an element of chance involved... I cannot absolutely guarantee that everything you get will be usable.
  • Not *everything* is actual Sundown product -- some things may be other brands. Some items may be "one off" so any re-cones would need to be custom re-built from a source such as FixMySpeaker.
  • Otherwise... sold with the SAME stipulations as any normal yard sale item other than the fact that it is a total surprise what you'll get.

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  • 5
    Awesome surprise!

    Posted by Jonathan Freeman on Oct 17th 2019

    I ordered a couple of surprise boxes, one of them had an SA-8 V3 in it that looked new! I couldn’t find anything wrong with it whatsoever, it sounds awesome! Now I need to know what the 15 sounds like! Awesome for $60

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    Surprise me! Win!

    Posted by Jerry Allen on Oct 9th 2019

    Ordered 2 and received two SD-3 8 D2 8", that said "BAD" they look flawless , hooked them up and they sound flawless too

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    Mystery box

    Posted by Rick on Sep 30th 2019

    Got a sd3 8 in excellent condition even came with a sticker, very pleased!

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    Surprise me gift

    Posted by Christopher Nichols on Sep 21st 2019

    I was worried at first but delivery was fast came in 2 days and it was a svc 2 ohm 8 inch sub perfect conditition loved it thanx guys your awesome

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    Yard sale mysterybox

    Posted by Brandon Prew on Sep 14th 2019

    Wanted to take a little risk and do this yard sale mysterybox box. Came home to what looks to be a Sundown SA8 V.3 D2 subwoofer. This this is a beast for a 8 inch sub. Will be doing more of these for sure. Fast shipping thanks again Sundown team for this pick.

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    Sd3 8 inch.

    Posted by Paul Hughes on Sep 9th 2019

    Damn things are pretty gnarly. Was thinking about another buy here. (Maybe toss in a 15 inch recone rebuild kit lol) I’m shocked at how good they sound tho thanks again buddy! You are the best at surprising me! Take care now! Paul!!

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    Sd8 and sa8 out of a suprise me

    Posted by kevin rupkey on Aug 31st 2019

    Lil imperfections but ohm out and play great really surprised will hit it up again one day lol kinda wish you had a couple of diffent surpise me boxes with diffent chances/prices but thanks guys

  • 5
    8 inch sd3

    Posted by Paul Hughes on Aug 27th 2019

    For being an 8 “ it still hits.

  • 4
    E series 8 v.5 D4

    Posted by Francisco Delagarza on Aug 15th 2019

    Amazing sub in a small package at an unbelievable price. Thanks for the sale.