SA v.2 Series Subwoofer

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After 10-years of selling the SA series we upgraded every part that ever failed for any reason for the all-new v2. The result is a much more rugged woofer that will work in basically the same enclosure sizes as the old SA series while also providing less distortion over a broader mechanical excursion window. They will carry a full 1000-watt RMS rating. The 12" prototype finish is black but they will all be chrome on production. Motor boots will also be tooled for production. List of upgrades compared to the v1 SA series: 1) Magnet outer diameter increased from 180mm to 190mm 2) Magnet slugs increased from 25mm to 27mm in height (total 4mm more height) 3) Motor structure fully bolted together with 3x M6 bolts (eliminates the possibility of motor shifting) 4) Top-Plate "Slits" implemented as with the X and Z series. Increased cooling & reduced distortion. 5) Improved gap venting -- more / flared gap vents. 6) Improve pole-vent design -- smoothly flared on both sides. 7) Coil increased from 63.5mm (2.5") to 70mm (2.75") in diameter. Higher thermal capacity. 8) New "U series" style cast-aluminum frame for taller cones (more x-mech both top-side from cone to spider and bottom from spider to top plate) 9) Aluminum cast gasket to bolt-on surround. 10) Aluminum cast vent ring to enhance thermal transfer from motor to the frame. 11) Standard with double "XL" leads and "bolted-on" spider 12) Larger and thicker surround (same tooling as U series). 13) Strongest paper cones we have ever produced... new two-piece mold technique that we will expand to other cones in the future. 14) "Large Flange" dust cap just like our larger woofers. Essentially eliminates dust-cap glue failure. 15) Larger spider diameter on the 12/15" models (the 10" retains the same 188mm spider)... 12" up to ~200mm and 15" up to ~210mm 16) Improved spider material for longer life.



PORTED : 1.0 ft^3 tuned to 35 Hz // F3 of ~30 Hz


SA-12 v.2 : SEALED : 0.75 ft^3 // F3 of ~54 Hz

PORTED : 1.75 ft^3 tuned to 35 Hz // F3 of ~29 Hz


SA-15 v.2" : SEALED : 2.0 ft^3 // F3 of ~46 Hz

PORTED : 3.5 ft^3 tuned to 35 Hz // F3 of ~28 Hz 

SA-18 v.2 Prototype All new SA-18 design. This woofer features a larger motor than the SA-10/12/15 v2 at a full 205mm diameter (vs 190mm) and a 60mm magnet stack (vs 50mm). The top plate is also thicker than the smaller diameter SA v.2 woofers -- all in order to more effectively move the higher mass 18" soft parts. It has a large 234mm diameter spider pack for very high mechanical stroke capacity. It utilizes the same 2.75" coil as the other SA v.2 series for a 1000-watt RMS power rating.


SA-18 v.2 : SEALED : Not Suggested

PORTED : 5.0 ft^3 tuned to 35 Hz // F3 of ~30 Hz

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  • 5
    sub was in perfect shape I only got it because my serious x12 d2 was getting recone but did better then expected

    Posted by Kyle vogtlin on May 25th 2020

    always pleased bye sundown audio products

  • 5
    Awesome deal

    Posted by Derrick Pfannebecker on May 24th 2020

    Perfect working condition

  • 4
    Sa 15 v2 d4s

    Posted by Jeff Akerson on May 23rd 2020

    Subs look almost flawless besides a stitch on one knocked a star only because I did not get sundown stickers like I did with my last order

  • 5
    Will be a return customer

    Posted by Otis Pittman on May 1st 2020

    Best quality for the price I'm very pleased my purchase

  • 4
    Sa v2 15

    Posted by Ty king on May 1st 2020

    I appreciate this woofer

  • 5
    Sounds Great

    Posted by Lydarius on Apr 26th 2020

    Worth the Money Spent