$60 Surprise Me!

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If you like surprises you might enjoy... "Surprise Me!" items.

  • I have several areas full of totally random stuff that I really don't have any ambition to sort out. Most of them are woofers with cones that appear complete... SOME items may be only a motor or a motor/basket.
  • It's simple... you pay $60 & I grab something out of these areas and ship it to you.
  • I will not guarantee anything that matches or functions.
  • Remember... this is a "surprise" me event so there is an element of chance involved... I cannot absolutely guarantee that everything you get will be usable.
  • Not *everything* is actual Sundown product -- some things may be other brands. Some items may be "one off" so any re-cones would need to be custom re-built from a source such as FixMySpeaker.
  • Otherwise... sold with the SAME stipulations as any normal yard sale item other than the fact that it is a total surprise what you'll get.

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    6.5" Sub

    Posted by Rob on Feb 21st 2020

    Great buy

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    Like a kid on Christmas

    Posted by Chris Hammons on Feb 18th 2020

    I order 2 of these and happened to get 2 signed matching x series 6.5s that are absolutely perfect and play amazing!! The best surprise ive ever had and I'm stoked I took the chance!! Thanks sundown! Y'all just earned a customer for life!!

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    $60 Suprise me

    Posted by Paul U on Feb 13th 2020

    Placed 2 $60 surprise me orders and couldn't be happier!
    1st surprise was a E10 D2 which had a minor scuff on the cone. The 2nd surprise was 2 SD3 8" D2 subs that were brand new. Most fun I had spending $120 inna while. Just bought a $99 surprise me and I'm looking forward to that inna few days! Thanks to Derrick and the rest of Sundown!

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    Pretty darn good surprise!

    Posted by Jonah Waughtal on Feb 12th 2020

    I got an SA 6.5" subwoofer. Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it as it plays fine without making any weird noises. Satisfied! Plus I got a Sticker!!!

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    Posted by Cameron Wilson on Feb 12th 2020

    Got a E8 V5 D2, gonna build a box this weekend for it :) looks to be perfect besides a few scratches! Thanks SD

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    Surprise Me

    Posted by Joe Bowen on Feb 6th 2020

    I ordered 2 Surprise me orders and ended up with 2-8" Ev5 d4s. Thank you very much!

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    Posted by Griggs187 on Feb 6th 2020

    This speaker is perfect. SD 8 d2 ohm. Out does my 10" Memphis. There not one thing wrong with it. Going to be back for some more.

    Sundown is the best in my opinion.

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    Posted by Chris on Feb 4th 2020

    Ordered 2 surprise items and received two E8 v.6 subwoofers. Both are new in packaging with only cosmetic defects. Both items have minor defects on the tinsel leads. Very happy with my purchase and patiently awaiting the premium surprise items to go live.

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    Posted by Michael Greene on Jan 30th 2020

    Can't believe the quality for $60. I got a SA-8 v.3 D2. Ohms checked perfect. No voice coil scrub. Only thing was cosmetic and it was a nick in the chrome plating. Doesn't hurt it in the least. Now to build a box for this monster of an 8!! Definitely going to order more of these surprise me!!! Thank you Sundown Audio you guys f****** rock!!!