$499 Surprise Me!

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If you like surprises you might enjoy... "Surprise Me!" items.

  • I have several areas full of totally random stuff that I really don't have any ambition to sort out. Most of them are woofers with cones that appear complete... SOME items may be only a motor or a motor/basket.
  • It's simple... you pay $499 & I grab something out of these areas and ship it to you.
  • I will not guarantee anything that matches or functions.
  • Remember... this is a "surprise" me event so there is an element of chance involved... I cannot absolutely guarantee that everything you get will be usable.
  • Not *everything* is actual Sundown product -- some things may be other brands. Some items may be "one off" so any re-cones would need to be custom re-built from a source such as FixMySpeaker.
  • Otherwise... sold with the SAME stipulations as any normal yard sale item other than the fact that it is a total surprise what you'll get.

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  • 5
    I was extremely happy with my surprise.

    Posted by David Westerman on Nov 27th 2020

    95 lbs of pure Sundown power.

  • 5
    499 surprise me

    Posted by David on Sep 29th 2020

    The best birthday present i could ever of gotten zv5 12 seams to be a good one love it thank you sundown you guys make awesome products

  • 5
    Zv5 12

    Posted by Chris on Sep 27th 2020

    Found some extra glue on the zv5 12 everything tested as should super pleased with purchase everytime therew the yard sale

  • 5
    499 surprise

    Posted by Walter christie on Jun 15th 2020

    I don't regret it at all very pleased got a zv5 15 d1 only thing wrong with it was the rubber boots on the magnet had a scrape on it that was it with it would have came with a sticker to add extra dbs but I'm not complaining

  • 5
    500 surprise me

    Posted by Ian Stevenson on Jun 15th 2020

    Got a new 12" zv5 had some glue on dustcap other than that works great and saved 300-350$$!! Always happy with any of my sundown purchases