$149 Surprise Me!

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If you like surprises you might enjoy... "Surprise Me!" items.

  • I have several areas full of totally random stuff that I really don't have any ambition to sort out. Most of them are woofers with cones that appear complete... SOME items may be only a motor or a motor/basket.
  • It's simple... you pay $149 & I grab something out of these areas and ship it to you.
  • I will not guarantee anything that matches or functions.
  • Remember... this is a "surprise" me event so there is an element of chance involved... I cannot absolutely guarantee that everything you get will be usable.
  • Not *everything* is actual Sundown product -- some things may be other brands. Some items may be "one off" so any re-cones would need to be custom re-built from a source such as FixMySpeaker.
  • Otherwise... sold with the SAME stipulations as any normal yard sale item other than the fact that it is a total surprise what you'll get.

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  • 5
    Nice subwoofer

    Posted by Christopher Jason Hyman on Nov 1st 2020

    A++, Thanks Sundown Audio

  • 5
    $149 surprise me box

    Posted by Daniel Carter on Oct 31st 2020

    Received a brand new sd-4 12" sub , installed into a cheap box and it hits crazy hard , love it , definitely buying another surprise me box

  • 5
    149$ surprise me

    Posted by Chad on Sep 22nd 2020

    Received a SD-4 dual 2 ohm 12. Nice

  • 5
    149 surprise me

    Posted by Ryan Moore on Sep 21st 2020

    How can any cry when for 149 I got a new sd412d2..my wife was so happy.....its sundown or nothing..

  • 5
    $150 Surprise

    Posted by Aron on Sep 12th 2020

    Got an sd4 12 D2. Can’t complain about and subwoofer from sundown for $150. I’m really happy with it, could not find a single flaw with the build quality. Sounds great in my 2015 Silverado under the back seat. Would definitely recommend to anyone with $150 to spend on car audio.

  • 5
    149 surprise

    Posted by Robert on Sep 6th 2020

    This is my first $149 surprise box and I received a 12 inch sub which is perfect for what I need I will be shooting for the second one hopefully I get a matching set

  • 5
    149 surprise

    Posted by Robert on Sep 6th 2020

    This is my second $149 surprise me box and I was satisfied with what I received which was a 12 inch sub that matched the one I previously got in a surprise me box so now I have a matching pair of subs

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    Sundown Audio SD4 12D2

    Posted by Jordan Harris on Aug 29th 2020

    Received an SD4 12 D2 from the surprise box. It works perfectly, it measured correctly ohm wise, and is what I was hoping for considering being limited on space behind my 3rd row in a 2016 Tahoe. Running it at 1 ohm with an SFB 1500. The sound is amazing, and considering it’s in a sealed enclosure, it still hits all the notes I was expecting.

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    149$ Surprise me

    Posted by Chubbs harms on Aug 20th 2020

    Ordered monday,packed up tuesday,shipped wednesday,north carolina to texas,recieved saturday
    Sd-4 12” D2
    Never mounted,prefect condition
    Neo motors pack a PUNCH...i need 2 more now.....Sundown4Life!!